TADAO ANDO: THE CHURCH OF THE LIGHT For Ando, the Church of Light is architecture of duality – the dual nature of existence – solid/void, light/dark, stark/serene.  The coexisting differences leave the church void of any, and all, ornament creating a pure, unadorned space.  The intersection of light and solid raises the occupants’ awareness of … Continue reading THE EFFECTS OF LIGHT

Japanese Minimalist Aesthetics

“The ancient Taoist scholar Laotse espoused that the true beauty of a room lay in the vacant space enclosed by the roof and walls, rather than the roof and walls themselves. He aspired to an aesthetic ideal of emptiness. True beauty could only be realized in the material world, he held, when it was stripped … Continue reading Japanese Minimalist Aesthetics

Frank Gehry

"If I knew where I was going, I wouldn't go there." Frank Gehry "Most buildings have no sense of humanity, they are cold and lifeless and... they are not welcoming to people." Frank Gehry

Santiago Calatrava (Architect)

It is extraordinary, that one man can have so many capabilities. As for my subject of interest today is the Architectural Structures by Santiago Calatrava. A man who is not only an architect, but also a structural designer, analyst engineer, sculptor and painter. He is well-known for his bridges, railway stations, stadiums and museums, whose … Continue reading Santiago Calatrava (Architect)