Artificial Intelligence Imagining

Quoting one of the most informative YouTubers Steven from the channel ‘Show it Better’ ‘A bunch of geniuses’ came together and developed an awesomely weird website which collects image data and develops an abstract image based on the prompt given by the user. The images produced by the AI is a form of abstract concept. […]

WORLD DIRECTION (Capitalist & Beyond Capitalist)

“it is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism.” Fisher’s Capitalist Realism. Is There No Alternative? (2009), What is Now? One cannot help but notice the need & the addiction of money in the world today. Most of our economies and societies are based on the fundamental […]

Do we need architecture?

Architecture is to design. We design our lives by making choices that is why we are human beings. We have the ability to choose. The understanding to choose. We can choose to make a change and we can choose to endure the life we are living. The world around us is all a form of […]

(Self-Control, Power of Will, Paradox)

Humanity and civilization, Ethics and Morals. It is interesting how Morals and ethics are used to make human civilization peaceful and flourish. Humans have developed certain rules and certain codes of conduct. Some are written & some unwritten. We are taught to follow these rules and in our minds somehow if we don’t follow these […]


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