To Whom I Owe A Lot

A letter to … I don’t know how to say this best, and I don’t know if the words I chose will convey how sorry I am for losing you. I remember the first time I heard you talk. I was inspired, I wanted to be you. I was eager to learn what being you […]

A lover’s feelings

Time can and will pass anywhere one chooses to be. And it is not to spend time, that I come to meet you. I come here because I really love you.I have this memory from a long time ago. Or was it a dream, I dont know. Since my dreams and my reality are often […]


The swirls of smoke rose up in still air. It was dark and yet she could trace the curves of grey, rising and diffusing into pitch black. Images were created, distorted, and transformed. She sat there, in her comfortable spot, the sofa she so loved, it held her body perfectly in place; it was like […]


I feel this love deep inside me, It’s warmth or glow I cannot show. I take it to bed and awake with it, It burns, it hurts, it’s warm, it’s home. But like all homes, my heart has its attic, When winter arrives, it becomes too cold. Vulnerable it is to you alone. I doubt […]


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