Hi there, My name is Huma Ishaq, currently a student of Architecture, at NCA Lahore. My Blog is about my personal life, as well as my experiences and opinions that shall be useful and knowledgeable to you people out there.

A little about myself:

  • I read as much as I possibly can.
  • I am a fairly good artist, not to boast, I can do quite some detailed work, and I wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t taken A level art. I am only good at this because of my high school professor who found this talent in me helped loads.
  • I like movies, some of my favorite genres are animation, horror (that puts conjuring series at the top), and action (that put mission impossible series second.)
  • Some of my favorite books, however, go in the opposite genre, Love, Sufism, Elif Shafak, Orhan Pamuk, and also classics like Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy.
  • I am a very messy house person however, my laziness leads me to not clean up as much as I should.
  • I used to play Badminton in high school, favorite sports include basketball, tennis and badminton.

That is all the personal information there is to know about me.

Now about this Blog:

  • I will post my opinions and interesting routine stuff.
  • Writing about my artwork, sharing some skills.
  • I will be sharing quotes and digital work.
  • I will be writing about poetry, and Poems of my own.

So welcome to my blog. and I hope I have done a good job.


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