Real need

She walked in an empty room, wrapped in blanket, and nothing else. She walked in slowly. Close to her bed.

She was looking for pleasure in pain. because the opium to mental stress is physical pain.

But no one was their not a soul to hear.

She climbed on to the bed. and lay down. Immersed in thought. She was blind in mind. she looked at the cealing. With its beautiful plains. Levels of plains. One below the other.

But that wasnt what she saw.

She visualised her life. Had a few flashbacks. All the visuals diffused in the air between her and the roof .

Hours passed as seconds, and second like hours. time was immeasurable. Time became infinity. Her needs grew stronger, her wants didnt matter. Their was nothing she wanted anymore but she had a need. A need of pain. a need of cure.

The room went dark. and a creek of the door shook her out of her state. The stillness broke as the door started to move. A blurred figure of handsome walked in. Or she thought. As her thoughts were dreams and reality a mirage

The door closed shut and all she could see was the blurred light of her eyes in the pitch black dark. It had no shape. It only had sounds.

The sound of a belt being un buckled. And slipped out of the pants.

And then their was pain. And exactly what she needed. Not sound except the belt whipping down her back. She had waited for that pain in patience beyond compare. She could feel herself getting warm in the cold wet air. Each second brought a blow. Which she wished would never stop.

Because now was the pleasure that every soul fears, she felt her blood seaping through her skin. It came to the surface blushing her body and relaxing her mind.

Soon it stopped and another stillness followed.

Life came back home. Where it belonged.

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