Sitting in my room I am alone. I think of death and I am alone. I breathe in air and I am alone. I sit in a crowd yet alone. I talk to stranger too familiar. I get advise from people who dont know me. Be responsive and You will not blast. Be easy and you will be happy. I tried all of this yet Im alone. I have freinds and they leave me alone. I have prents they dont know I am alone. alone in itslef is so alone. Every breath is a moment alone. Every night the moons alone. it exist alone. It dies alone. Dragon dragon the one who does not talk. A dragon Ill be to be alone. It turn out that existence is a word alone. And we in itself is a ‘w’alone and an ‘e’ alone. Every letter has distance. Every letter is alone. A passage has meaning yet every word is alone. In this world of existence your body is alone and in the mind of your body you are alone. And that is exactly why you and I are meant to be so alone. I live alone. I will die alone. My heart is a well filled with people. The plural in itslef is alone. My brain is a mine of thought so jummbled. Each thought in itself is so alone. Here in this room I have lots of things. Each thing is to exist alone. Time is a plural of seconds alone. but what about alone? Alone is the one who is never alone.

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