Modern Education System

In today’s world educational qualifications and degrees are considered a step towards success, and people everywhere in every social class put in their best efforts to get their children the best private education possible. Since they believe that educational qualification is the only true path to achievement in life.
But do they ever ask themselves whether how much reality is there in this idea. A brief history of the advent of mass education system is that, this institution was built to cater to the needs of modern industrialization, the time when factories and big manufacturing industries were built, there was a need for qualified labour to operate machinery and be trained to work under a boss and take orders.
The invention of the education system was thus the best possible way to get these industries and their owners’ profits. So this system started educating people, or may we say, brainwashing people to work for a certain period of time, in certain manners, and accept orders from their owners, who in return paid them little money for their hard work and lifestyle change.
Of course this was a great idea for the progress of economy at that time, as skilled labour was more important than the nourishment of a creative minds to invent and build.
But today, in the postmodern world, where the service industry is more progressive than the manufacturing industry, what we need is creative brains, nourished with ideas, and not those hard working, semi-skilled or skilled labour. We need inventors and business men with the ability to take risks and create.
The basic reason for their not being enough jobs is because as time passes, technology takes-over, and robots are more efficient in doing the same tasks that once were done by human hands, thus the need for labour and rule following workers has dropped. Today we need humans who can come up with ideas better than the ones from the past, and take the risks to build their own businesses. The way to do that is to stop looking for guarantees and job securities, and work for getting to the top.
It is easier to start-up today than it was in the past, according to a study, 1700 people are becoming millionaires in America every day. And the world is progressing at the speed far greater than that of light. I believe, it is better for us to push our boundaries and explore our abilities, because every individual is capable of more than they think they are.
As Pablo Picasso said: ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ Thus each one of us should look for our personal inner artist. And nourish him to make him capable, since that inner artist is our true self. And the one who loses themselves losses everything.
Art has a lot of forms, art has forms more than the stars in the sky. And by recognising which form is yours, success will be just one step away. And that step is to implement what you have recognised.

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