Santiago Calatrava (Architect)

It is extraordinary, that one man can have so many capabilities.

As for my subject of interest today is the Architectural Structures by Santiago Calatrava. A man who is not only an architect, but also a structural designer, analyst engineer, sculptor and painter. He is well-known for his bridges, railway stations, stadiums and museums, whose sculptor forms often resemble living organisms.

His designs are both minimalist as well as very fluid in form. And above all, a sense of musical rhythm enhances the beauty of his structures.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

The bridge, which cost €60 million, is named for Irish writer Samuel Beckett, and is designed by Santiago Calavtrava, who was assisted by Roughan & O’Donovan consulting engineers.

Samuel Beckett (Day view)

The Bridge is designed in the form of an Irish harp, respiring a sense of music into the atmosphere. While it may also look like a sword fish peaking out of the river surface, as absurd as it sounds.

It is a moving signature bridge of Dublin. Can rotate up to 90 degrees horizontally. On a practical level, the bridge provides an important river crossing, joining Guild Street on the north bank to Sir John Rogerson’s Quay on the south, and facilitates a smoother, more rational flow of traffic within the city.

It is a beautiful, simplistic and dynamic structure based on contemporary style and conceptual tradition.

samuel-beckett-bridge (1)
(Night View)

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