I recently started painting in acrylics.


What happens is: When you start to learn how to use acrylics, for the first time, it just intimidates you a little at the start of the learning process. The first time you mix paints, to form colors is difficult, and the horror of destroying your first canvas takes over your heart and mind to the extent of numbness. But Worst than that is: forgetting how to paint after making some very remarkable paintings, and picking up the brush again.

It took me exactly two years to try again. But. Finally I did. And I love it. I was so scared. I couldn’t even open the tube of paint and put it on a pallet.

Whenever I wanted to paint, I would divert my thoughts into making room for painting. I would clean my desk. Set my cups of water, and brushes and paints on the table. Placing the brushes in order, first on the left of the canvas, and than on the right. Still not satisfied, and I will take out an old mug and place all my brushes there. Subconsciously trying to waste as much time before I could get rid of the idea. And never actually making a move to do it.

But Then..

I did it. Once. I didn’t set up anything, and simply took out the paints, placed them on the table as randomly as I could. Took out one single brush, squeezed the paint on the pallet and simply started. I didn’t waste anytime in over thinking my thirst for perfection and realism. And I painted and destroyed the canvas. But that didn’t stop me. And I moved on to letting it dry, and painted over it.

And, now, a month later, I have two beautiful works that I am proud of. And one of them is extremely detailed.

So, to get over the Artist’s block. ‘Sit’, and ‘Start’.

And of course, it is quite a struggle, to start. But it is worth it. The results are fantastic. And if you have a problem with colors, remember:





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