That Night

A short time that feels like ages ago, a brief, everlasting night which meant more than the seasons, the years, and the ages, which passed and are yet to come:

Was a Night…

A night which promised a lifetime of happiness, a night which with a vow, ‘This night and then every night to come.’

That night which was the turning point of my life, that night in which ‘we’ were born, A night when the moon came closer to earth, lit the world with its silver bright glow.

When the weather shifted with the shift of your mood, and the winds blew with the intensity of your words, and the rain showered in conclusion of your prayers, and the souls danced to the music of your heart.

A beat so irresistible, so enchanting, so overwhelming, a beat so alive, filled with essence and sparkle, and my life which altered its path due to the sound of your mesmerizing voice.

That night when the sound of your so soothing voice healed all my wounds. That night in which God made us one. That night defined us. And…

This night is ours…


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