Why I Draw

I recently read an article, about the writer telling why he writes. And it was amusing to know that he wrote for 6 years straight with almost no follows and no public eye.

His blog although on the web, was untouched by anyone’s sight.

That got me think, why do I draw…

I really don’t know…  I started drawing as a child. I used to draw in my school books, behind my exam papers and once in a while, our teachers asked us to make posters for school notice boards or parent teacher meetings etc.

So that was the start. And also the only time when my art was not contaminated of greed. Now that I have come to think of it. Back in my childhood, i drew to increase my skills, I wanted to do realistic work, I just wanted to get better, I just wanted to draw.

But, now, I want to sell my drawings, I want to make a lot of them as quickly as possible, and sell them off for more than they are worth. And somewhere in this greed, it seems that my work lost its gist, my paintings seem lifeless, motionless, as if they were actually done in a hurry.

And i guess that is exactly what they mean when they say greed is bad, your life becomes lifeless.

The kind of photo realism, I wish to do requires patience, and observation, it requires an eye for detail, and I am the opposite of patience, I am impatient.

No wonder patience is the key to success, and in my case it really is.

To step up the drawing game, get some patience and use you sense of sight. Take it from someone who has neither.

For all of us to be inspired.

Richard Estes, Jone’s Diner, 1979, oil on canvas.

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