Inspiration is the key to anything. Whatever you do, has a certain amount of inspiration behind it.

You can get inspired by adventurous trips to the mountains, and also be inspired by those half an hour warm showers you take every morning. Their is really no specific way for one to get inspired. And get in the mood to do something.

Around 5 P.M. today I was sitting on an old garden chair, and looking at my own house. Which I have been living in for the last 5 years. And for some odd reason, although it is a normal thing for me to sit in that chair, in the exact same position, almost everyday. Yet the view i saw today, got me inspired.

i was looking at the cracks in the paint. and that little piece of brick that fell off due to the heavy rain happened this morning. And I felt INSPIRED.

Inspired to work, to make something, and not just something, that same view, that piece of brick laying on the floor, those cracks in the paint, and that after rain: reflective surface of the floor. The glitter feel of the rugged wall, due to those tiny particles of water, which are too light for gravity to have an effect on.

Then I came in to google and see what kind of drawing do I want to make, and what can I expect of it once I am done drawing. ( I do realize that it kills creativity if you just come up and google things, however, having a look at what to expect, usually makes me more determined to work.) This is what I found and this is my inspiration.

Brick wall by Ed Loftus Graphite on paper – 7.75 x 5.75 in


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