How I Developed Interest in Architecture.

I started off thinking about engineering in high school. Mechatronical engineering was my first option, since in those days I used to love physics. But that was way before Physics became a pain in the ass. And became more and more difficult.

My father is an architect. Since the very beginning he used to tell me that architects become the boss of all engineers, whenever I talked to him about my future plans he told me the same thing. Architects dictate. However due to his work hours, and my childish brain, I couldn’t accept the idea of being an architect, regardless of all the benefits he would describe, and how much of a noble profession he would call it.


But as the years passed, I got to O levels, and I decided to take on pre-medical sciences, but within the first week, as I went to class with my homework not done, sitting there waiting for the teacher, thinking I am going to get scolded so bad my head might break off. A group of girls had come up to write an application to the principal regarding their choice of subjects, which was business and economy, to my good luck the administrator entered the class with the news of their application getting approved, at the point when I was choosing between getting scolded and suicide. And at that moment stupid me decided to change my subjects, just because i didn’t have my homework done, and that changed my destiny.

Now, the only professional qualification I could get in was the field that comprises of my favorite physics and arts was Architecture. And somewhere I believe my father knew this was for the best and didn’t get angry with me, when I narrated to him what had happened within fifteen minutes. Thus my old man secretly happy of my mistake, paved my path to his life long favorite field and expertise. He made me decide to apply to the same college where he had studied 35 years ago.

And I entered a place that seemed like a dream, and thought to myself as I entered the doors of NCA for the first time as a student, “Yes! Dad was right. It cannot get better than this.”

Soon when I got to know the basic idea of the field, which is to design space, that get transformed into buildings and are constructed as huge sculptures. that whenever one pass by ones own designs elegantly standing beside the street, He/She is proud, feeling ecstatic, “I Made This.”

And this is how I became a first year student of architecture, in the year 2018, at the National College of Arts Lahore, placed within the heart of the city, one of the oldest and well known institutions, which can turn any ordinary mediocre person into an elegant creative designer. Who then gets the capacity and confidence to lead with pride.

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